Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OK I think the Camera Fairies were talking to me....

Over Father's Day weekend, I took my oldest to Best Buy to hunt down his new computer he wants for his Bday in Aug. So while the kids all went in such of the next best video game, I wondered around the cameras.... Looking at some cheap but workable cameras for my Youtube videos.

I found one online that is HD and under $150... But I have other things more pressing right now.

So over the weekend, DD and DH went to my inlaws home and left me to myself to do nothing. Youtube guilt sunk in and I did 2 videos. I had recorded a few days earlier a Cut Crease look and then did a burgundy smokey eye with Flirt e/s and then a matte neutral look with ULTA e/s.

I was really pleased with all the looks and edited all the photos. Even posted them all on MUA.

Fast forward to this morning, I go to the home desktop because my laptop cannot edit the videos without crashing. I plug in the memory card & upload all the files. BUT OMG THERE ARE NO VIDEOS!!!!

I am sooo mad. And now I will have to be more careful with my Kodak i730 BLAH!!!

I will post the pics soon!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally got my video up....

WOW! I finally got a video edited and posted, only to find YOUTUBE was all munged up.

My video just sat there 'processing' for hours. So I uploaded it again and finally it went thru.

People have asked me to do looks with the ULTA palette and with pigments. So I did this one with all pressed pigments.

You can watch the video on youtube and here are the pics:


6/1/09 MAC Lily White, Pink Bronze & Copperclast 6/1/09 MAC Lily White, Pink Bronze & Copperclast

6/1/09 MAC Lily White, Pink Bronze & Copperclast 6/1/09 MAC Lily White, Pink Bronze & Copperclast


Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have been lazy and busy

I have 2 videos that I recorded last wk that I really need to edit. I soo hope I get to atleast one of them tonight.

I will update with the FOTD's too cause I have those pics already edited just not uploaded to the blog yet.

*sigh* and I am really tired. Can't wait til school is out then I dont have to drive the kids to school anymore!! YEAH!!