Thursday, July 30, 2009

First time using TAPE!!

So I purchased all the ingredients for my homemade brush cleaner from the Dollar Store and scotch tape duos are $1.00 too.

Well, this is what happens when you have a little extra $$ in your pocket.

So I just used the same gold as yesterday and another NYX purple e/s... then blended in some MAC Carbon.... It came out pretty cool LOL (also I dont have on my face or did I use any cream base with this look)

please dont mind my undone brows too


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

OK back to the subject of e/s and mu LOL

A wonderful girl from MUA RAOK'd me some NYX e/s because she cant make them 'work'. I keep telling her to reach outside her comfort zone but its not working.

Anyways here are the two colors and now I cannot remember their names. :D

And this is my FOTD for today!! Now I am forcing myself to figure out how to do a 'winged liner'. I am assuming I will NEVER learn if I never try right. So last 3 days I have flicked my liner and tried to make sure it look right and even. Today was a failure on the even part. :(

Revlon CS fndt
NYC loose powder
MAC Blushbaby
Rev MSF dupe in Sunkissed (iirc)
NYC Browser in brunette

MAC Rubenesque paint pot
2 NYX e/s posted above
MAC Carbon in the outer v (but not blended that well)
WnW gel liner in blk
ELF wp mascara in blk

nothing cause this is after I ran all my errands today

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little Biglots haul!!!

It was under $15.00 before taxes... I am really curious to try them out and so glad that he really listens to me when I talk about what I like and admire from afar.

I am sure all the groceries he bought there outweighed his MU hauling. :D

It will totally be nice to get some more $$ into the house and get the kids a little more leisure $ for movies and McDonalds. We are all relieved to say the least.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fndt, Concealers, Highlighters and 1 primer stash pics LOL

I guess I will have to make a new one and do a little tutorial on it?? Things to do that distracts you from wanting MORE MU!!!

All my fndts ~ now mind you that I did not buy all this. I purchased 2 of them at the Dollar store and 2 Rev CS and 2 Rev CS as BOGOF. ( I received all the rest as RAOKs because ppl get the wrong fndt and figure I do so many weird FOTDs I could use their unwanted fndt)

My Concealers and Finishing Powders (loose)

My highlighters ~ the Rev MSF dupes and the mini Meteorites

Lastly ~ my stuff up for swap that wont GO away

Ok thats all I got for now.... I have too many fndts but I am really happy with my highlights and I use different concealers for under eye, blemishes and acne scars.

Hope you gals are still sticking to your NO/LOW Buys. I used the Sally Hansen fndt 2 days in a row and its doesnt have enough coverage on my bad skin days... but for a really natural look, its Great...

my FOTD for the day too - I even ventured outside with all that e/s on.