Sunday, March 1, 2009

DAMN Where have I been??

OK I know I havent posted in forever and I havent even done that many tutorials.... But life is totally different in the new house.

We had both TVs in the living room from when we first moved into the house and everyone was happy about it BUT me. Everyone could play two different video games or watch TV on one and video on the other. However, it wasnt working for me and the 2nd TV was on my brand new desk that I got for xmas.

SO while my DH was out - I took it upon myself to move the TV into our bedroom where it belonged. Here comes the problem. MY vanity is now in the bedroom and now my DH never leaves the room but to smoke or eat. And neither happens often or long enough for me to put on my MU let alone do a talking tutorial.

So now fast forward a month - and finally MAYBE my DH will have a job but it will be in SC (3.5hrs away). He will stay there during the work week and come home on the weekends to spend them with us. It will be lonely without him BUT I can get the house back into some sort of order.

We will find out next wk if its a GO or not....

Anyways, a fellow YT buddy is holding a contest and she asked me to participate.
Here is her video:

I really like her concept and have already picked out my inspiration picture.

and I practiced a look already to see how it would come out. BUT, man, I really wish I had a GOOD YELLOW EYESHADOW!!!
2/28/09 - Trying thick liner FAIL!

Ignore the thick liner side cause I was trying to figure that out too today. LOL

2/28/09 - Trying thick liner FAIL!

Well, I was also tagged today from someone else. I already recorded this today too - but have to edit it before posting on YT.

I have blabbed on enough now. Nite peeps



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