Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another try at Parrot and Satin Taupe

A LOOONNNNGGG time ago, Michele asked me to figure out how to wear MAC Parrot e/s and MAC Satin Taupe... its not the easiest combo, if you ask me...

I even did a video of my first attempt. But my DH was coming home from being out of town all wk and he really liked blue e/s... and I thought I would try and give it another try.

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Photobucket Photobucket



nattyd16 said...

I think this is hot, and I need to find a dupe for Parrot! hey, maybe I could use that HIP duo (Sassy?)

ktb8293 said...

Yeah it should work just fine. There is a bright blue/teal in the ULTA palette too.

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