Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lip Product Stash Pics >>>

Well, I guess I should tally up the total of l/s and l/g here. :D


11 lipsticks

16 lip glosses / 3 lip balms

5 lipsticks

3 lipsticks in pots / 4 lip glosses

17 lip glosses / 2 lip balms

5 lip glosses / 6 lipsticks

9 lipsticks

2 lipsticks / 1 lip gloss / 4 lip balms / 3 lip glosses in pots

So the tally ~~~

36 ~ Lipsticks
46 ~ Lip glosses
9 ~ lip balms

OK lemme tell you that MOST of its not purchased... I have a MUAer who loves to buy lipstick and such then mail them to me LOL. Go figure. *sigh*


Elvira said...

Nice Stash! Oh and so what if you did purchase it all? It's nobody's business what you do w/ your money and how much you spend on MU. GLOSS ON PRETTY LADY!

ktb8293 said...

OH its Only because it was cut and pasted from a NO BUY blog site that I am apart of.

So IDK I feel the need to justify that I dont buy all those cause I dont wear all of them... :D

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