Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fryinnae Eyeshadow and Liner primer

OK I NEVER do reviews on products really. I just use it and let you know I like it and we move on....

BUT I must say this stuff is GREAT. I love it!

I am just gonna add my MUA review right here for you to see LOL.

So, I am surprised there are not more reviews on this product. I have received a sample from another MUA'er and wanted to use the product for a wk before making a review.

I have been an avid UDPP user for the last yr, BUT its extremely difficult for me to blend over. I was always using a cream shadow and/or a sheer layer of e/s before my regular e/s.

With the Fyrinnae e/s primer ~ it comes in 2 colors: light and dark. I have the light version. And it does leave a light cast on my NC30 skin but for a fairer girl it would be perfection.

I wear it from lashes to brows and use the tiniest bit. It doesnt feel wet but doesnt dry up too fast before I can spread it evenly either. I love the feel of it just putting it on.

Now for staying power: its been working great. I only really need a e/s primer for mmu e/s and when I use cream bases, the latter being very often. So, I used it with TSS mmu e/s and it lasted all day ~ even outside in the NC heat for 2hrs. Then the ultimate test was today ~ a NYX jumbo pencil in Blk bean... and a dark green smoky eye. It lasted all freaking day. I put it on at 6:30am and went to work, to the doctors, school orientation for my son, clothes shopping in the mall, and then finally school supply shopping at Walmart.

I washed it off at 9:30pm and it was EGG-XACTLY the same as when I applied it in the morning. After I hit "add/edit review" I am ordering more because it is taking 16-18 days to ship.


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