Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am sad :'(

My oldest son purchased a new computer for his bday but it doesnt have wireless internet. So I went and took the wireless out of the home computer but it didnt fit. I go and try and put it back and POOF the computer will not turn back on. Well, actually the monitor keeps saying NO SIGNAL ~ and yes I tried another monitor.

BLAH!!! So all my videos are on that computer and I do all my editing with it. What's a youtube addict to do??? I think I will just post some FOTDs here for awhile til I get it fixed.

I do have plans to take it to my DS's HS. He is taking come computer making class and the teacher is willing to look at it for class assignment.

WISH ME LUCK (we are thinking the mother board is fried and thats $70)

On another note ~ I have 4 of the NYX palettes and have loved all of the ones I have used so far. Be back soon with some FOTD's and breakdowns.



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