Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Different Crease placement

So I have been admiring a few girls and the way they place color in the crease but NOT in the outer V area. I tried it today - but dont know if I like it yet...



nattyd16 said...

yeah, I'm with you, I kinda like it on other people but not so much on myself!

ktb8293 said...

yeah, maybe I need to practice more?

Anonymous said...

hi! it's sylvialeexD from mua :)

i tried this and it looked okay on me.. but probably only because you can never see the outer V on me unless i close my eyes anyways!

ktb8293 said...

Haha! Sylvia you cant see it on me either unless my eye is closed.

IDK we just have to blink more IRL. :D

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