Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WAAAYY OTT Look because I was bored.

OK ~ I did this look in my PJ's so please ignore my fivehead its just HUGE in these pics. LOL

Revlon CS fndt
Revlon Blush Berry Daring
PF Blushing Berry (ball blush type)
NYC Browser in brunette

MAC Soft Ochre
Flirt bright green e/s (sry no name in that 25 e/s palette)
MAC Aquavert e/s
MAC Parrot e/s
MAC Blue Flame e/s
L'Oreal HiP cream liner in Midnight Blue
Palladio pencil liner in Dark Blue
XXL Ext mascara

MAC Most Popular l/s (just used to stain the lips)
clear lipbalm for shine

I would never wear this IRL ~ but I did find it funny that it matched my PJ bottoms really well. As the summer progresses I will wear less and less MU IRL, so my looks will probably be more and more outrageous.

Just watch out!!



Shortiee31 said...

GORGEOUS look!! :o

ktb8293 said...

Aww Thanks honey!!

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