Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Daytime Smoky to Nighttime Glam...

Well, I did a simple olive green smoky daytime look. IF you know me ~ I am not comfortable with all that e/s during the day. I wore the daytime look to go get my son from school and was guaranteed not to get any strange looks.

But when I got home, I was like BLEH!! My look is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring. So while dinner was finishing up, I went into my room, closed the door, clicked on the camera and tried to AMP up the look a little all the while the kids were walking in and out of the room. Lemme give you a word of advice~ teach your kids that if the door is CLOSED its for a reason. LOL

Well, here are the two videos.

here are some pics of the same look

daytime pics
5/13/09 Smoky Olive look 5/13/09 Smokey Olive look

5/13/09 Smoky Olive 5/13/09 Smoky Olive


these are the nighttime pics



Photobucket Photobucket



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