Thursday, August 13, 2009

OH MY!!!

Well, I have been sooo busy lately! And then to top it off, my mother shows up with her boyfriend!

And IDK its just given me the biggest headache... They are here to register her newly purchased used minivan and to *fail* her driver's test. LOL She is very nervous that she's going to fail!

The minivan failed the inspection because the headlamp was badly cracked and the paperwork from the dealership in NJ was missing the final bill of sale. So I have been chasing down the Sales guy in NJ (mind you I am in NC) and the hoping the lamps were being delivered today instead of tomorrow afternoon.

Now, lets top this off with the fact that my mom was bringing BACK my other car, she's been driving for the last 2yrs, so that I can drive it to and from work and my son can drive it when he gets his license. She gets here to tell me that the car's A/C isnt blowing anymore. It takes us 4 trips to the auto parts store to get to the final solution: replacing the blower motor for $40.

First I purchase fuses to see if the fuse had blown, then I checked all the relays. NOTHING.

Next, I returned the fuses and purchase 40ft of wire (they only sell it this way) to check if the motor was working (i.e. run power from the battery directly to the motor).

Third, I take the car back to the auto parts store and have them check if there is power running to the blower from the plug. BINGO ~ there is life in the electrical system so its 100% the blower motor gone bad. BUT they dont have it in stock. Oh all the other stores have atleast ONE.

Fourth trip to another auto parts store to actually purchase the blower motor. WOW my head is hurting again just thinking about it.

Good news is that the head lamps were delivered a day early, the guy did fax the bill of purchase, and I got home in one piece. :D

Well, time for sleep because I have to get up at 6am tomorrow to get ready for work.



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